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Marriage is a significant milestone in the lives of couples, marking the beginning of a lifelong commitment and legal union. To ensure the recognition and protection of such unions, various laws and acts have been established in India. The government of West Bengal has launched this West Bengal Marriage Registration for the year 2024. If you are a citizen of West Bengal state and are willing to register your marriage to the authority then you have to go through this whole article till the end and get information that includes its benefits, eligibility criteria, features, registration steps, and much more.

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West Bengal Marriage Registration 2024

Marriage is a holy bond with important legal and social consequences. diverse marriage statutes have been established in India to ensure the registration and validity of weddings across diverse religious communities. Following the requirements established by the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the Special Marriage Act 1954, the Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872, and the Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act 1936, the state of West Bengal continue to emphasize the significance of marriage registration in 2023.

West Bengal Marriage Registration

These statutes establish a legal framework in which partners from various religious backgrounds can solemnize and register their weddings, guaranteeing legal protection and acknowledgment of their marital status. This statute requires Hindu couples to register their marriage for it to be legally recognized. The statute also specifies the requirements for marriage eligibility, circumstances, and rituals. Couples who register their marriage under this legislation have legal protection and access to a variety of rights and benefits, including inheritance, divorce, and child custody.

Key highlights of West Bengal Marriage Registration 2024

Name of the departmentLaw Department Register General of Marriages
IssuedMarriage registration certificate
Issued inWest Bengal
Issued toWedded couples
Mode of applicationOnline
Other SchemeBangla Sahayta Kendra
Official websitehttp://rgmwb.gov.in/

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Objective of West Bengal Marriage Registration

This program aims to simplify and control the process of legalizing weddings in the state. The goal is to have all weddings formally recognized and recorded in compliance with applicable laws and rules. The goal also involves raising public knowledge about the necessity of marriage registration and encouraging compliance with legal standards to create a transparent and accountable registration process. It also made it easier for them to get legal recognition for their weddings, preserve their rights, and expedite the production of marriage certificates, which are required for a variety of legal and administrative purposes.

Benefits of West Bengal Marriage Registration

  • Registering your marriage gives your relationship legal legitimacy. It ensures the legal validity of your marriage, guaranteeing that your rights and duties as a married couple are safeguarded.
  • A marriage certificate received via registration is documentation of your marital status. It may be used as a document for a variety of purposes, including applying for passports and visas, among others.
  • By registering your marriage, you become eligible for a variety of government-provided social security benefits and programs, health insurance, pension schemes, maternity benefits, and other perks may be included.
  • It avoids the need for many affidavits and declarations by serving as a single document to certify your marriage.
  • Marriage registration aids in the prevention of child marriages by ensuring that those wishing to marry are of legal marriageable age.
  • Registering a marriage guarantees that inter-religious weddings be recognized and accepted, promoting societal harmony and equality.
  •  A registered marriage certificate is sometimes necessary for immigration and visa purposes if you want to relocate or go abroad.
  • Marriage registration provides legal protection to both parties in the event of a disagreement or breach of rights, it assures that the law upholds and recognizes your rights regarding maintenance, alimony, child custody, and other concerns.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Both parties must be of legal marriageable age, which is 18 years for the bride and 21 years for the husband.
  • Either the bride or the groom must have lived in the district where the marriage is being registered for a minimum of 30 days or more.
  • Both parties should join the marriage willingly and with complete consent, without compulsion or force.
  • At the time of marriage registration, both parties must be single or not in a legitimate marriage.

Required Documents List

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of invitation Card
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Photograph of Bride and Groom
  • Present Address Proof
  • Signature of Bride and Groom

Application Procedure Under West Bengal Marriage Registration 2024

  • For that candidates are required to visit the Official Website.
  • After this, you have to Register your marriage and tap on Apply Now link and continue.
  • After tapping on it, the application form will appear.
  • Now you have to fill the form with the required details on it, and with that attach the documents also.
  • And you have to go through each step provided by the authorities and when you are done
  • You can submit the form and you are successfully registered under this portal.

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