Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023: Apply Online | Application Form

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023 Apply Online | Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme Eligibility

Recently, the state of Telangana has launched an ambitious programme called the Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023 to modernise its traditional handloom business. This programme intends to replace ageing handloom machines with newer, more technologically sophisticated ones, reviving an age-old trade and improving the livelihoods of countless artists and weavers. Here we have provided you with all the important details that will including some of its benefits, eligibility criteria, purpose and much more. So those handlooms workers who want to use this opportunity and apply for a new machine are advised to apply for this through the link given in this article.

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Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Schemeis a key programme aiming at modernising the ancient handloom industry. This programme aims to replace obsolete and outmoded handloom machines with newer, more modern models. The purpose is to improve the efficiency and quality of the state’s handloom industry. The handloom industry in Telangana aspires to retain its tradition while also adjusting to the needs of the current market by adopting new technologies. The updated machinery will assist weavers in creating elaborate designs, increasing weaving speed, and decreasing manual labour, ultimately leading to greater economic prospects for weavers and the industry as a whole.

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme

This programme tackles this issue by equipping weavers with new machines that are more efficient, easier to operate, and capable of creating higher-quality textiles. It supports weavers by replacing their old machines with new ones, allowing them to continue their time-honoured craft with renewed vigour and effectiveness.

Key Highlights of Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023

Name of the SchemeChenetha Maggam Scheme
Announced ByCM KCR
Announced OnNational Handloom Day, 2023
ObjectiveTo replace Old Handloom Machines with new machines
How to ApplyOnline/Offline

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Objective of Chenetha Maggam Programme

The main goal is to replace old handloom machines with new and better ones. This effort aims to improve the quality and efficiency of handloom manufacturing, assuring improved lives for craftsmen and the region’s handloom industry’s sustained growth.  This effort intends to improve the handloom sector’s production, quality, and competitiveness, assuring sustainable livelihoods for weavers, fostering traditional craftsmanship, and contributing to the region’s economic prosperity.

Benefits of Chenetha Maggam Programme

  • Handloom machines are becoming more complex and efficient, they assist weavers in producing higher-quality textiles, which means the clothes you wear will be more pleasant and long-lasting.
  • Weavers may experiment with diverse shapes and patterns using upgraded machinery, making their creations more appealing to a larger audience, this provides them with fresh commercial prospects.
  • Upgraded machines frequently have additional features that make weaving easier, which enables weavers, particularly the younger generation, to acquire the technique more rapidly and to carry on the handloom weaving legacy.
  • Weaving on handlooms is an essential component of Telangana’s traditional history, this initiative helps maintain this legacy while adapting to new demands by modernising the tools used in the trade.
  • By providing new machines, the government is showing support for the weavers, this can encourage them to continue their traditional craft and feel proud of their work.
  • The new machines can make cloth that are even better in quality, this means the clothes they weave will be stronger and look nicer, which can attract more customers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a Telangana-based handloom craftsman.
  • You must own antique and obsolete handloom machines that are still in use for weaving.
  • You should plan to replace these outdated handloom machines with new ones to improve the quality and efficiency of your weaving job.
  • You must submit proper documentation demonstrating ownership of the existing handloom machines you seek to replace.
  • You must be enrolled or registered with Telangana’s appropriate handloom agencies or organisations.

Required Documents List

  • Identification Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Handloom Ownership Proof
  • Old Handloom Machine Details
  • Machine Condition Proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable).
  • Income Certificate
  • Business Registration (if applicable)
  • Trade License (if applicable)
  • Declaration of Old Machine Disposal
  • Undertaking
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Registration Procedure Under Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2023

As per the attest updates, there are no updates for the application process and its link so candidates who want to apply for this are requested to wait a bit more. we will soon provide you with all the mandatory updates and the official website links also.

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