SMILE-75 Initiative Launched For Helping Beggars

Benefits & Key Points Of SMILE-75 Initiative | Rehabilitation Of Beggars Under SMILE-75 Initiative | Objectives & Strategy Of SMILE 75 Initiative

Recognizing that the problem of poverty and begging will not go away, the Indian government has developed a comprehensive program called SMILE specifically for beggars. As part of celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence, the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment launched the “SONRISA-75” initiative on Friday, which aims to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to people living in 75 different communities. the SMILE-75 Initiative will be presented and who exactly will benefit from this program.

What is SMILE-75 Initiative

Supporting marginalized people for livelihoods and businesses The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, the Government of India has appointed 75 community bodies to carry out the full rehabilitation of beggars under the SMILE-75 Initiative. The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has allocated a budget of Rs 100 million for the next five years to 2025-26 for the SMILE initiative. With this program, the ministry intends to build a support framework for comprehensive rehabilitation of beggars. As already shown, begging is gaining popularity in India, which has led to numerous illegal activities. Through this initiative, the government is creating an India where no one is forced to beg in order to live and have their basic needs met. In addition, refurbishment feasibility projects have been initiated in eleven cities in India

SMILE-75 Initiative

Key Highlights Of SMILE-75 Initiative

Scheme name SMILE-75
Launched in year2022
ObjectiveRehabilitation of Beggars
Beneficiaries Beggars and transgenders
Website Coming soon

Objectives of SMILE-75 Initiative

  • Then devise an idea for the beggar’s thorough rehabilitation of these who participate within the activity of mendicancy via the coordinated efforts of variety of various personal partners.
  • The Ministry acknowledges the many contribution which will be created by native urban bodies, civil organizations or private organizations operating along to seek out an answer to an in progress social problem.
  • The aim of the SMILE-75 initiative is to disembarrass our cities, towns, and municipal regions of beginnings.

Benefits & Key Points of SMILE-75 Initiative

  • This SMILE-75 Initiative includes skills development and livelihood activities within the PM-DAKSH program.
  • It does this by offering a complete package through Composite Medical Health that, along with the PM-JAY program, supports gender confirmation procedures performed at a number of different facilities.
  • Through these efforts, the ministry aims to build an India where no one is forced to beg in order to exist and meet basic needs.
  • Additionally, this program targets beggars by emphasizing rehabilitation, provision of medical facilities, counseling, education, skills development, economic connections, etc. with the support of state/UT/local city governments, volunteer organizations, or nonprofit organizations (OBC) and institutions, etc.
  • People who beg and members of the transgender community have access to shelters known as “garima greh,” which gives them access to food, clothing, recreational facilities, skill development opportunities, activities, and medical support , among other things.
  • As part of this plan, it will cover and concentrate the beggars, providing protection, identification and mobilization; save them, mobilize them, and it will be a full rehabilitation program for them.

SMILE-75 Initiative Official Website

The website has not yet started; As soon as this will be notified by government, we will notify you.

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