Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023: Application Form

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After initiating various state government schemes and portals, now the Rajasthan government has started the Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023 in its never-ending effort to strengthen the agricultural sector and the livelihoods of farmers and animal herders.  Dairy producers will receive contemporary equipment and technology as part of this program to help them enhance their milk production operations. This comprises modern milking equipment, storage facilities, and cold chain infrastructure to maintain milk freshness and quality. In this article, we will provide you with all the major aspects of this program such as benefits, eligibility criteria, features, and many more.

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Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023

The Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023 is a progressive program initiated by the government of Rajasthan with the primary goal of increasing the income of dairy farmers and animal herders. The government provides a minimum support price for milk procurement under this system, protecting farmers from market swings and maintaining a consistent income. This allows for more effective milk collecting and transportation from rural regions to processing plants, decreasing waste and improving the whole value chain. The government helps by providing veterinary care, breeding programs, and access to high-quality cattle feed and fodder.

Overview Details of Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023

Name of the Yojana Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana
Launched byGovernment of Rajasthan
Year 2023
Beneficiaries farmers and animal herders
Total beneficiaries included5 lakhs
State Rajasthan

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Objective of Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana

This program will increase the income of dairy producers and livestock herders. This comprehensive plan intends to develop the state’s dairy business by providing financial assistance and different incentives to encourage milk production, increase milk quality, and safeguard the general welfare of dairy farmers and their cattle.

Benefits of Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana

  • The initiative aims to increase farmers’ and animal herders’ incomes by providing financial help and incentives. This contributes to an improvement in their overall economic situation and style of living.
  • Farmers and animal herders benefit from subsidized inputs such as high-quality cattle feed, medications, and veterinary services under the program. This lowers their production expenses while improving cattle health and output.
  • The initiative prioritizes the construction of dairy-related infrastructure, such as modern dairy processing plants, chilling centers, and bulk milk coolers.
  • This infrastructure makes milk collecting, storage, and processing more efficient, decreasing waste and securing higher pricing for producers.
  • The initiative encourages dairy farmers to use contemporary technologies and best practices.
  • This involves using modern milking machines, automated fodder cutters, and other equipment to increase production and efficiency.
  • The government assists farmers and animal herders with marketing by constructing milk collecting centers and aiding with the direct procurement of milk. This aids in the elimination of intermediaries and the establishment of fair pricing for commodities.
  • The program focuses on skill development and training programs for farmers and animal herders, which provide them with the information and competence they need in areas such as enhanced cow management, milk production, and dairy entrepreneurship.

Features of Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana

  • Eligible farmers and animal herders will get financial help to boost their dairy farming activities under the Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023.
  • This guarantees that the cattle obtain sufficient nutrients, resulting in higher milk production and general animal health improvement.
  • It gives pets access to high-quality veterinarian care, such as regular check-ups, vaccines, and treatment for common diseases. Preventing illnesses, lowering death rates, and increasing animal output are all benefits of timely veterinarian treatment.
  • The plan provides training and capacity development programs to dairy farmers in order to improve their skills and expertise. These programs address topics such as animal nutrition, breeding strategies, milk processing, and marketing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Farmers and animal herders in the state of Rajasthan are eligible under the initiative.
  • Individuals involved in dairy farming, including small and marginal farmers, landless farmers, and tenant farmers, are eligible for the initiative.
  • Individuals working in animal husbandry, such as those who raise cows, buffaloes, goats, or other milk-producing animals, are also covered by the plan.
  • Beneficiaries must possess a certain number of dairy cows, as determined by the government. The number of animals may vary based on the beneficiary’s categorization.

Required Documents List

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Residence Proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Land Ownership/Lease Documents
  • Cattle Ownership Documents
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Passport-size Photographs
  • Income Certificate
  • Self-Declaration Form
  • Identity Proof of Husband/Wife (for joint ownership)
  • Mobile Number

Registration Procedure for Mukhyamantri Dugdh Utpadak Sambal Yojana 2023

Those who want to apply under this initiative can avail of benefits, so for them, you do not have to make any online registration process rather than you can visit your dairy booths and sell your milk as per the details, and the beneficial amount will be provided to you.

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