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Jharkhand has long been recognized for its rich cultural legacy and passion for sports. The state has produced some of the country’s best athletes and has a long history of sporting success. The site is intended to give all relevant information on sports in the state, such as the most recent news, events, timetables, and results. The Jharkhand government has developed the Johar Khiladi Portal 2023 to continue this legacy and to support sports and athletes in the state. in this article, we have mentioned all the important details such as benefits, eligibility criteria, features, registration process, and much more, so kindly read this article till the end.

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Johar Khiladi Portal 2023

Johar Khiladi Portal is an innovative platform that promotes sports and athletes in the Indian state of Jharkhand. The site is intended to give complete sports information, such as news, updates, schedules, and results, all from the comfort of the users’ homes. The platform is poised to transform the state’s sports environment by giving a one-of-a-kind chance for athletes and sports aficionados to stay connected and informed about various sports events and activities. This Portal demonstrates Jharkhand’s dedication to promoting sports and developing young athletes in the state.

This Portal, with its user-friendly design and huge collection of sports-related information, is poised to become a game-changer in the sports world, giving a platform for athletes to exhibit their abilities and for sports aficionados to keep current and educated.

Overview Details of Johar Khiladi Portal 2023

Name of the PortalJohar Khiladi Portal
Launched byGovernment of Jharkhand
Department Jharkhand Sports Department
Launched in29 December 2022
Beneficiaries Athletes of Jharkhand state
State Jharkhand
Registration ModeOnline
Official Website

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Objective of Johar Khiladi Portal

The goal of this portal is to promote and support sports and players in Jharkhand by offering a complete platform for obtaining sports information from the comfort of one’s own home. The state hopes to establish a sports-friendly ecosystem through this site, facilitating the growth and development of local talent and encouraging more people to participate in sports. The site will act as a one-stop shop for all sports-related information, such as news, updates, schedules, scores, and rankings, and will assist link players, coaches, and fans across the state. Finally, the Portal hopes to establish a strong sports culture in Jharkhand and position the state as a center of sporting prowess.

Benefits of Johar Khiladi Portal 2023

  • The Johar Khiladi Portal was created to promote sports and athletes in the state of Jharkhand.
  • The portal allows players to demonstrate their talent and get seen by coaches and scouts.
  • This will inspire more young people to participate in sports and work hard to attain their goals.
  • The site contains a multitude of sports-related information. Users may find out about future sporting events, training programs, and coaching camps. This will assist sports fans in staying informed and planning their calendars accordingly.
  • This Portal is accessible from the comfort of your own home. Users can use their PCs or cell phones to visit the site. This will save time and effort for folks who are interested in sports yet have demanding schedules.
  • By offering a venue for participants to demonstrate their talents, the portal will assist promote local talent. This will allow them to obtain notoriety and participate in larger events. This will also contribute to the development of a feeling of pride and identity among the people of Jharkhand.
  • This Portal will aid in the development of sports infrastructure in the state of Jharkhand. The portal will give information on sports facility availability as well as the location of sports clubs. This will stimulate the establishment of additional sports facilities around the state.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only persons who are permanent residents of the state of Jharkhand are eligible to use the portal.
  • The site is available to people of all ages, however, some programs, competitions, and initiatives may have age limits.
  • The webpage is intended to promote sports and athletes in the state of Jharkhand. Individuals who are interested in sports and willing to participate in various competitions and programs are therefore eligible.
  • Because the portal is an online platform, users must have access to a computer/laptop/mobile phone as well as a stable internet connection in order to use it.
  • Users of the site may be asked to give personal information such as their name, phone number, email address, and sports information.

Required Documents List

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Educational Qualification Certificates
  • Sports Certificates
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Bank Account Details
  • Sports Information
  • Medical Certificate
  • Consent Forms
  • Contact Information

Registration Procedure Under Johar Khiladi Portal 2023

  • Visit the Official Website of the Johar Khiladi Portal 2023.
  • Click on the “Register” button located on the homepage.
  • Fill in the registration form with your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.
  • Make sure to enter accurate information as this will be used for communication purposes.
  • Select the sport you are interested in from the drop-down list provided on the registration form.
  • Upload a passport-size photograph and a copy of your ID proof.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the portal.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to complete the registration process.

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