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Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023 Apply Online | Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana Application Form

Recently, the Gujarat state government announced the Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023 as a bold and praiseworthy initiative towards sustainable agriculture and rural empowerment. This innovative program is intended to give critical assistance to farmers who are actively involved in natural farming practices, with a particular emphasis on the breeding and maintenance of indigenous cow breeds. In this article, we will provide you with all the important details that will include its benefits, features, necessary documents list, step-by-step registration details, and much more, those who want to know more about this are advised to read this article till the end.

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Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023

With the establishment of the Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023, the state of Gujarat has begun on a revolutionary path. This innovative program is intended to provide critical help and empowerment to farmers who are committed to using natural agricultural practices while maximizing the potential of indigenous cows. Farmers will get tremendous help through this programme as they venture into the domain of natural farming, led by the wisdom of our forefathers and the distinct characteristics of indigenous cow breeds.

Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana

Farmers that join this initiative open the door to a world of possibilities where the diversity of native cow breeds combines with sustainable farming practices. Farmers are given the skills and information they need to begin on a journey that nurtures the land, honors history, and ensures a bright future for future generations through this effort. This plan envisions a harmonic mix of ancient knowledge and modern innovation, to create a balanced ecosystem that benefits both the environment and the agricultural community.

Key Highlights of Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023

Name of the SchemeGay Sahay Yojana 2023
Initiated byGujarat Government
Launched for Farmers of the state
Year 2023
Category Government Scheme
ObjectivePromote Natural Farming
Official Website

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Objective of Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana

This program aims to give help and empowerment to farmers in Gujarat who practice natural farming using indigenous cows. The project intends to assist these farmers by providing them with a variety of advantages and tools to encourage the adoption and continuation of environmentally friendly and traditional agricultural techniques. The government intends to use this plan to improve farmers’ livelihoods, promote sustainable agriculture, and safeguard indigenous cow breeds, all while contributing to the general growth and well-being of Gujarat’s rural communities.

Benefits of Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana

  • Farmers will receive financial aid through the Yojana to help them with their natural farming practices, making it easier for them to care for their cows and fields.
  • Indigenous cows are unique breeds that are well-suited to their surroundings. This effort assists farmers in raising and caring for these cows, which benefits both the cows and the farmers.
  • This enables them to cultivate crops and care for their cows in ways that are beneficial to the environment and the health of those who consume the food.
  • Farmers that employ natural techniques to cultivate crops and rear animals provide healthier food. This suggests that anyone who consumes this cuisine will be healthier too.
  • Traditional agricultural practices and indigenous cow breeds are supported by the Yojana. This helps to preserve our culture and customs while also providing a means of income for farmers.
  • Natural farming is environmentally friendly. It does not employ hazardous chemicals that can harm the land and water.
  • Farmers may generate more money from their fields if they are supported and empowered. This contributes to the economic development of rural communities where farming is the main industry.
  • This effort teaches farmers new skills and approaches, this allows individuals to improve their skills while also providing them with new chances.
  • It promotes biodiversity and the growth of plants and animals that rely on these agricultural methods.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Farmers should actively engage in natural farming practices, which include employing environmentally friendly methods and avoiding the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
  • The farmer’s herd should predominantly consist of Gujarati indigenous cow breeds.
  • Applicants must be residents of the Indian state of Gujarat.
  • Farmers with modest or marginal land holdings are eligible for the plan.
  • Farmers must follow the Gujarat government’s rules and principles for natural farming and cow care.
  • For financial aid to be disbursed, applicants must have a valid bank account.

Required Documents List

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Land Ownership Proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Caste Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Farm and Cow Details
  • Income Certificate
  • Training Certificates
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Mobile Number
  • Declaration of Natural Farming Practices

Registration Procedure Under Gujarat Gay Sahay Yojana 2023

  • All the interested eligible candidates are required to go to the Official Website.
  • After that, you are required to tap on the New Registration link and continue.
  • After this process, the registration form will appear.
  • Now you have to complete the form and you will receive a user id and password on your registered email.
  • Now you have to go back to the homepage and tap on the Login option.
  • Now enter your login details and the application form will open on your dashboard.
  • On that form fill in all the necessary details and attach the documents that are asked.
  • Now after completing the form, submit it and keep the copy for further process.

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