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Goa Solar Portal 2023 Online Registration | Goa Solar Portal Application Status | Goa Solar Portal Subsidy

Previously so many schemes and portals have been launched by various state governments and departments to provide kinds of benefits to the citizens of the state, and today we are going to discuss about another initiative called Goa Solar Portal, in the year 2023. Under this portal, in a world where sustainability and renewable energy are more important, the Goa state government intends to boost solar energy adoption by providing financial help and attractive incentives for solar roof installation.

In this article, we will provide you with all the important detailed information about this beneficial portal it contains eligibility criteria, benefits, features, a registration process, and much more, all you need is to read this whole article till the end and get registered before the deadline.

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Goa Solar Portal 2023

The Goa Solar Portal 2023, is a Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) program aiming at encouraging solar energy use and sustainable development in the state of Goa. Recognizing the financial constraints that sometimes prevent individuals from adopting solar power, GEDA is offering large subsidies of up to 50% to make solar energy cheap and accessible to all. This portal is a complete platform that not only teaches individuals and organizations about the benefits of solar energy but also provides financial aid for solar roof installation.

This effort intends to minimize reliance on fossil fuels and lessen the environmental effect of traditional energy sources by exploiting the plentiful sunlight that bathes the picturesque coastal state of Goa. Individuals and companies may use the Goa Solar Portal 2023 to learn about various solar options, government laws and incentives, and the installation procedure. This user-friendly portal provides customers with the knowledge and tools they need to make educated decisions regarding solar power adoption.

Overview Details of Goa Solar Portal 2023

Name of The PortalGoa Solar Portal 2023
Created ByGEDA
BeneficiariesPeople of State
SubsidyUp to 50%
Application ModeOnline
Official Websitehttps://goasolar.in/

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Objective of Goa Solar Portal

The goal is to support the broad adoption of solar energy by offering financial help and subsidies of up to 50% for solar roof installation. The portal’s goal is to promote and help Goan individuals, businesses, and organizations in harnessing the potential of solar power, so boosting sustainable development, lowering carbon emissions, and maintaining the state’s energy security.

Benefits of Goa Solar Portal 2023

  • The portal offers up to 50% off the cost of installing solar rooftops. This financial assistance greatly decreases people’s upfront costs and encourages them to use solar energy.
  • Individuals and companies may save money on their power costs by installing solar roofs through the Goa Solar Portal.
  • The portal helps to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the consequences of climate change by supporting the construction of solar rooftops.
  • This improved self-sufficiency provides a more consistent and constant power supply, even during power outages or shortages.
  • Solar roof installation and maintenance offer job possibilities for experienced individuals, adding to the region’s economic growth.
  • This encourages research and development, which will eventually lead to more efficient and cost-effective solar systems.
  • Installing solar panels can make a property more appealing to environmentally aware purchasers or tenants looking for energy-efficient residences or business spaces.
  • The gateway reduces the load on the grid infrastructure by using solar energy, resulting in a more dependable and predictable electricity supply for all users.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Goa resident with a verified residence address in the state.
  • The applicant must be the property owner where the solar roof installation is planned.
  • Solar roof installation help is available for residential properties such as single-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhouses. This program does not apply to commercial or industrial establishments.
  • Solar roofs that qualify for financial support must be grid-connected.
  • The solar roof system’s installed capacity should not exceed 10 kilowatts (kW).
  • The applicant must get the necessary approvals and permits from various authorities, such as the energy department, local municipality, or any other governing body, for the installation of solar roof systems.

Required Documents List

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Ownership Proof
  • Roof Ownership Consent
  • Building Permission
  • Bank Account Details
  • Quotation from Authorized Vendor
  • Site Assessment Report
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Consent for Inspection
  • Other Supporting Documents

Application Procedure Under Goa Solar Portal 2023

  • After that, check the eligibility criteria of the portal, and continue.
  • After that tap on Apply Now option, and then complete the registration process.
  • After completing the process, go back to the homepage and tap on the Login option.
  • After logging in the application form will appear.
  • Now you have to fill out the application form with all the required details on it.
  • With that attach all the documents with it, then verify the details.
  • Last submit the application form and keep safe the reference copy.

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