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e Samiksha Portal 2023 Login | e Samiksha Portal App Download

With the inauguration of the e Samiksha Portal 2023, the Karnataka Government has taken a historic advance in this direction in a digital era characterized by fast technical breakthroughs. This unique digital platform, which can be found at esamiksha.gov.in, intends to revolutionize the evaluation and monitoring of numerous government plans and programs in a variety of sectors. In this article, we will cover all the major and minor aspects that will include some of its benefits, features, purpose, beneficiaries list, registration process, and much more, so those candidates who are looking forward to it are advised to get detailed information and then make a registration through the link given in this blog.

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e Samiksha Portal 2023

The Karnataka government has launched the E-Samiksha Portal 2023, a smart online platform that can be found at esamiksha.gov.in. This platform is intended to assist the government in keeping a close eye on its many programs and initiatives to ensure they operate properly and benefit the people. This unique online platform, located at esamiksha.gov.in, is intended to assist the government in keeping a close check on its many goals and programs. Consider it a digital control center that helps the government function efficiently and keeps everyone informed of what’s going on. Let’s take a deeper look at this site and how it’s changing the way the government operates.

e Samiksha Portal

Key Highlights of e Samiksha Portal 2023

Name of the Portale Samiksha Portal
Launched byGovernment of Karnataka
BeneficiariesCitizens of the state
Registration ModeOnline
Official WebsiteGiven below

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Objective of e Samiksha Portal

The main aim of this portal is to effect positive change in the way government plans and programs are reviewed, monitored, and managed.  With access to current information, policymakers may make educated decisions that result in more efficient resource allocation and program execution. The platform aims to simplify the monitoring of government programs in a variety of fields. It provides a centralized platform for authorities to assess program performance, detect bottlenecks, and take remedial steps as soon as possible, ensuring that initiatives stay on schedule and achieve the desired advantages.

Benefits of e Samiksha Portal

  • Transparency is a cornerstone of effective governance, and the E-Samiksha Portal fosters it by making public information on government programs easily available.
  • Government officials and policymakers may now make well-informed choices by relying on the portal’s real-time data and insights.
  • The site facilitates more effective resource allocation by providing data-driven insights into the effectiveness of various programs.
  • Officials may quickly discover concerns and impediments in program execution using the portal’s real-time tracking.
  • Citizens may obtain information about government programs, offer input, and make changes, allowing for speedy course corrections and modifications, which results in a more inclusive government process that addresses people’s needs and ambitions.

Features of e Samiksha Portal

  • This tool, similar to watching a live video, allows the government to monitor how its programs are performing right now. It’s like getting quick updates on your smartphone – no need to wait!
  • Consider this feature to be a health checkup for government programs. It evaluates their performance in the same way that a car’s speed, fuel, and brakes are evaluated.
  • Similar albums for government programs are created by the portal but with colorful graphs and images. These depict the development of the programs in an understandable manner.
  • People may offer their opinions and ideas regarding programs, helping the government become even better at what it does.
  • This function, similar to puzzle solving, assists the government in identifying and correcting any faults in programs. It’s like making sure all of the puzzle pieces fit.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The site is accessible to those who work for the government, such as officials and administrators. They require this access to maintain track of programs and ensure that they run successfully.
  • Policymakers, or those who make critical choices concerning government programs, are eligible. They use the portal’s insights to help individuals make better decisions.
  • The site is also open to experts and consultants who provide vital recommendations to the government. Their perspectives contribute to a better understanding of the programs.

Required Documents List

  • Government ID
  • Official Email
  • Citizenship Proof
  • Organization Details
  • Contact Information
  • Role Confirmation
  • Agreement to Terms
  • Consent for Data Use
  • Expertise Proof
  • Access Purpose

Registration Procedure Under e Samiksha Portal 2023

  • To get registered under this portal go to the Official Website of the portal.
  • After reaching there, you have to tap on the Online Registration option and continue.
  • After tapping on it the registration form will appear on your screen.
  • Now fill out the form with all the necessary details and attach the necessary documents.
  • Last, verify the details and then submit the form.

Samiksha Portal App Download

  • First go to the Play Store on your mobile.
  • Search Samiksha Portal on Search Bar.
  • After that Download Samiksha App & Install it.
  • Once App is Download you can Login by using your Login ID & Password.

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