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In this post, we will cover the Amma Vodi Scheme, a welfare initiative created by the government of Andhra Pradesh that has been a lifeline for many families wishing to educate their children. The program’s goal is to give financial assistance to mothers or guardians of school-age children to help with their children’s educational expenditures. This initiative provides qualified recipients with the financial support of Rs. 15,000 per year for each kid in grades I to XII.

In this article, we have provided you with all the important details such as benefits, eligibility conditions, the procedure to check the beneficiary list, and many more, so candidates who have applied and are willing to check the beneficiary list are advised to read this article till the end and get all the beneficial information form here.

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Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List

Since its establishment, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India, has provided a lifeline to thousands of poor families through Amma Vodi, a revolutionary welfare initiative. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued the long-awaited Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List Beneficiary List as part of its commitment to openness and inclusion. This list shows the eligible individuals who will get financial help under the program, confirming the government’s commitment to delivering high-quality education and easing the burden of educational expenditures on low-income families. The program, which focuses on empowering moms and guaranteeing their children’s education, has made a big positive difference in the lives of recipients across the state.

Key Highlights of Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List

Name of the SchemeAmma Vodi 2023 Eligible List
StateAndhra Pradesh
Launched byCM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Official WebsiteGiven Below

AP Adarana 2 Scheme 2023

YSR Bheema Scheme 2023

Objective of Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List

The goal of this beneficiary list is to precisely identify and enroll eligible participants for the Amma Vodi initiative, which ensures financial aid to economically disadvantaged mothers or guardians for their children’s education in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Benefits of Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List

  • This scheme’s principal goal is to encourage and empower parents to take their children to school on a regular basis.
  • Each qualifying mother or guardian receives Rs. 15,000 per year for each kid in grades I to XII under the initiative.
  • The initiative attempts to lower dropout rates among economically disadvantaged students by providing financial assistance.
  • The qualifying list guarantees that families experiencing financial hardship receive support, encouraging them to continue their children’s education without fear of financial hardship.
  • The Amma Vodi initiative creates a pleasant learning environment and lowers absenteeism by ensuring that children attend school on a regular basis, ultimately leading to higher educational achievements.
  • This program fosters social inclusion by bridging the educational divide and providing children from low-income homes with the same access to opportunities as their peers.
  • This program focuses on assisting marginalized groups of society and ensuring that children from economically disadvantaged households have equitable access to school.
  • Women are empowered to make educational decisions for their children and actively engage in their educational path when they get financial assistance.
  • The scheme’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty and provide children with prospects for a better future through supporting education.

Eligibility Conditions

  • Because the Amma Vodi plan is limited to Andhra Pradesh, the beneficiary must be a resident of the state.
  • The scheme’s primary goal is to assist economically disadvantaged families.
  • The recipient must have at least one kid enrolled in a public or recognized private school from grades I to XII.
  •  During the preceding academic year, the beneficiary’s child/children must have had a minimum attendance record of 75% at their respective schools.
  • The beneficiary must not be receiving benefits from any other educational assistance program or scholarship given by the state or federal government.
  • The eligible recipient must have valid identifying documents such as Aadhaar cards, proof of domicile, and other documentation as stipulated by the government.

Required Documents List

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence certificate
  • School ID Card
  • Ration Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Birth Certificate

Procedure to Check Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List

  • Visit the Official Website of the Amma Vodi program in your state.
  • Once you find the official website, click on the “Amma Vodi 2023” or “Beneficiary List” section.
  • On the beneficiary list page, you will likely find a search box or a dropdown menu to select your district or other relevant information.
  • After entering the necessary information, click on the “Search” or “Submit” button.
  • The website will process your request and display the Amma Vodi 2023 Eligible List for the selected district or area.
  • The beneficiary list may be presented in a tabular format with columns such as the applicant’s name, district, school name, and eligibility status.
  • You can scroll through the list or use the search function on the webpage to find a specific beneficiary by name or other criteria.
  • If you find the name you are looking for on the list, it indicates that the person is eligible for the Amma Vodi 2023.
  • If you cannot find the required information on the website or encounter any issues, look for a contact or helpline number provided on the website.

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